Anna Fuchs makes learning new skills and crafts easy, affordable and fun! There's a great selection of high-quality courses on offer across London ranging from beginner to more advanced levels and it's easy to find something that fits around your schedule. So what are you waiting for?


Everyone I’ve had contact with Anna is super lovely and helpful! Wanted to give special thanks to her who was always available and communicative with booking our terrarium workshop! I asked about a million questions and also had loads of additional questions. Jenny could not have been more patient and accommodating mediating between me and the workshop leads! I’ve been raving about the studio to all my friends since!


This place is a MUST for makers and crafters. There’s many different projects to do, from easy to more complex, paint to hand knitting. We made blankets with super soft yarn. The owner was there to help when we needed it. Super nice and helpful. Beautiful space. It was a drive for us, since there’s nothing like it near us, but well worth it! Nice for a group, mom/kiddo date or solo.


Fun, fun, fun! Anna Fuchs, employee, is a blanket master. She instructed them, knowingly and clearly. A product I'd give as a handmade gift or truly use at home. So very soft and warm. I'll return to make another blanket and maybe another craft. Thanks for the fun and informative workshop!


I came to thank you for teaching me how to crochet across. Thanks to you, I have been crocheting for a year now. I even made up my mind and made a calculation for a jumper with a raglan sleeve, one part without seams. Thank you for your master classes and lessons.


I connected according to your master classes flower pots. Thank you very much for the description, for your work and skill. I never cease to be amazed at the attention and love with which your master classes are made. Knit happiness and pleasure on them. Thank you!


I would like to add my thanks. You have the best master classes. Not just one model, but a knitting and modeling tutorial. You can literally repeat everything and get the perfect thing the first time. And you can go further and fantasize a little on the basis and it still turns out great. I have been crocheting all my life, but it was your work that inspired me to new achievements. Thank you.


How I love your work! How grateful I am to you, it’s just beyond words to describe, I learned to do such top things with my own hands. Thank you very much for your work!


I couldn’t resist, I really want to thank you for your master classes, everything is so clearly detailed, accurate and neatly executed that I always start knitting according to your descriptions, I’m sure that everything will work out. Thanks a lot!


The master class is painted and thought out from and to. Calculations, diagrams, auxiliary videos, yarn recommendations (which I violated and therefore there were small problems) the main thing is to carefully read and calculate everything, and if you have any questions, you will come to the rescue, checked! And in what delight I was left with the seams!